There’s no place like home. That is more true for us than ever. We are still settling into our new home but every day it feels more and more…right. We are loving the house itself, the neighborhood, and the community. I’m LOVING having my things again, settling into our bed at night, the kids having their own rooms. My favorite part has to be how much time my kids are playing outside, they are LOVING our yard & cul-de-sac. I’m LOVING them finally having that freedom. I often wonder why we waited so long to move, but I also know it was all in perfect timing.

When we purchased our first home together back in 2008, it was a three bedroom townhouse that seemed SO BIG. Coming from a one bedroom apartment, it was. With no children, and just the two of us, it was. We struggled to fill the space. We had our room, a guest room (I don’t think we ever had a guest in there) and an office in which neither of us did anything business like, from. It held an old desktop computer, probably sporting Windows 2000 for things like checking our e-mail or whatever else you did on a computer before social media. Man, I feel old.

Anyway, our new house felt a bit like that after we moved in. We got rid of SO much when we sold the townhouse, and this house is larger, SO we had lots of empty space. We keep getting asked what we’re going to do with this spot or what we are going to hang on this wall. While we do have a few more touches, the answer for now is nothing. We enjoy space both physically and mentally. I love having my things and since we only kept what we really love, we LOVE everything. SO much freedom in having less. I also intend to only bring in what we really love. This is why my kids still don’t have a couch in their playroom. Can we say first world problem? I refuse to buy one just because it’s cheap/I can have it now/etc. This is also why our master bedroom sitting room, is totally empty. Ok, if I’m being honest… it has a lamp.

Funny side note story: Our kids call the sitting area in our master the “beach ball room”. Before I was a mom, I was a nanny. The family I nannied for had a beautiful front room of their home that was completely empty until they found office furniture they liked. While empty, the girls played with an inflatable beach ball & coined it the “beach ball room”. Because of this, I called the sitting area in our master this…my husband knew the story so the joke made sense to him as well. The kids have NO clue why we call it that but they didn’t really ask. During my daughters birthday party she was giving a tour & apparently referred to it as that, leaving our family & friends clueless as well. So funny. Thanks Camp girls! 

We fully intend to still keep things simple. Enjoying a slower pace and a more simple life is precisely why we aren’t in Raleigh anymore. We are loving the small town feel but still being close to a city (and the people we love in it!) We are loving that the weekends are spent low key and slow. Big breakfasts, coffee on the back deck, house projects, scooters, soccer, and football games in the back yard. Our cul-de-sac is quite the gathering spot for the neighborhood kids and we are still the gathering spot for family even living “SO FAR AWAY” 😉 and I love that too. We struggled for years on where to move which is why we were in our townhouse so long. Leaving and having so much time on our hands made all some of the logistical decisions and priorities much more obvious. I’m so deeply thankful we traveled. I’ll leave you guys with my favorite room in the house, the kitchen. I will get more photos of the rest of the rooms…someday. I’ll also leave you with my favorite quote lately, I shared it on facebook but not here on the blog. I’m so thankful for the journey we went on and so thankful to be home.


“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

-Terry Pratchett





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