Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch with friends and family back home is definitely a priority. Thankfully in 2017 it’s pretty easy. We actually purchased iPads for the kids to help with homeschool and communicating with family. They know the rule is to ask me first before FaceTiming or texting so that we keep in mind time zones (my parents in Arizona got some early texts the first day! Oops!) and work schedules. Also, so they aren’t trying to FaceTime multiple times per day, because they totally would 😉 I preprogrammed family members numbers and that is who they are allowed to text. Their iPads are locked down tight & I check them often as well.

FaceTime: As I mentioned, our kids love FaceTime. They enjoy seeing others and it’s definitely been useful in keeping in touch with our 1 year old niece who otherwise wouldn’t get much well, face time. This is them singing to their cousin. This has happened a lot 🙂


Texting: The boys can read and type/spell. Makayla, we gave the ability to talk to text, and for it to read what others have sent her. This isn’t flawless as you’ll see below, but hello, who needs words when you can send chocolate and rainbows?! Kidding of course. We actually stress the importance of proofreading things & not just bombarding people with messages or only “speaking” in emojis. They have lots of fun with messages but we also have seen a huge improvement in Makayla’s reading since the iPad. I think it reading to her as she sees it has helped. Win! Often we help her write/read the messages too. They can have conversations with most of our family both in NC and AZ (with iPhones) and their FAVORITE is sending random emojis and photos. I’m positive my family loves this 😉 Or sometimes we get messages in the same room. Which is also fun.

IMG_8690 2

Phone: We do have just regular phone calls, not as much though because my kids were born in the 2000’s and they know FaceTime exists.

Old Fashioned Letters and Drawings: We’ve mailed a few drawings already! I hope the family is enjoying them as much as they are sending them. They love taking mail to the mailbox!

Postcards: We have also sent a few postcards so far, the kids liked picking out postcards to send to family back home. Postcards are also something the kids pick out at each place to keep in their “travel album” so we are always scoping out postcards. I’ll write more on this later.

Blog & Social Media: Obviously this is more for the adults, but our family does get to see pictures and adventures of the whole family here and it’s a great way to communicate and stay in touch! We also get to see what all everyone else is up to & thats been nice!


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