While we were in Asheville, Russell had to go to Atlanta for a business trip. Considering we were new to traveling AND the house AND neighborhood, I wasn’t quite ready to be alone in a new place flying solo. Crazy, huh? SO, we decided to go along since it wasn’t too far. Being alone with the kids during the day, no problem. We found plenty to do & had quite a bit of fun while Daddy was working. Sorry Russell!

We started the trip checking out our hotel room (the kids LOVE hotels) and headed to Chipotle. We then went to the grocery store for drinks & snacks to keep in the room, I’m not paying $3.00 for a can of Pepsi, you feel me? 😉 The kids favorite part of travel days? iPads. We limit screen time, usually to an hour during the week, and two hours on the weekend. Travel days…really anything goes. We are usually in the car for a while, or unpacking, or something where it’s just easier. I have no shame about this because we are otherwise pretty conservative with screens.


One day we found a really cool park, and Mommy felt adventurous enough to brave Atlanta traffic alone to head there, so we did! It was really cool. It was called Playable Art Park, at Abernathy Greenway. Very unique swings, and climbing structures.


We headed to Shake Shack, to introduce the kids to the best cheese fries. Makayla loves hotdogs more than anyone I know, except maybe her Aunt Amy. It was delicious as usual. This was mostly to cope with the struggling process of selling our house, BUT thankfully, the next day it sold! YAY!


Another day we headed to the Georgia Aquarium. We’ve been to aquariums so I hesitated on this one but I’m so glad we did it. The aquarium itself is nice, but honestly what made it totally worth it was the dolphin celebration. What an amazing show. I wish I had photos but I was a rule follower & they requested no photos. You’ll have to go check it out!

We wrapped up that adventure with a trip to Centennial Olympic Park & The Varsity. Atlanta, you weren’t at all what I thought you’d be, we had a really great time!!

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