Asheville, NC

So Asheville is where we began. It wasn’t an easy month. If you’ve been following our Facebook or Instagram you’ll know this. There was bronchitis, pneumonia, and food poisoning. There was a fender bender. There was a lot of adjusting, and stretching this month. We didn’t have central air in our Airbnb which made for some warm days, even in the mountains. We didn’t have many of the comforts of home we were used to. Truth be told, we really didn’t love the Airbnb. Somehow that first month was terrible & beautiful all at the same time. I’m not sure how to make that make sense. It’ just the truth. If you’re wondering after all that, do we have regrets about heading out?!

Nope. It truly has been the good kind of growing, stretching, and changing.

Our Airbnb wasn’t our favorite, but what it did have was a yard, where our kids played with lady bugs, climbed trees and watched fireflies. It had an amazing enclosed porch on the front where we could let them play while I read books leisurely, and where we napped on occasion. This porch was also Russell’s office, so I’m assuming not too shabby for a work day. We watched Youtube videos here after dark when the kids were tucked in and listened to the Cicadas and ate Swedish fish. Hey, it’s not always something picturesque like wine.

We went on long hikes. Sometimes to beautiful waterfalls (Catawba & Dry Falls) and sometimes to parking lots. 😉 Russell may have gotten his directional sense from his mom, sorry Kim, but you know it’s true. We went on drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We found new parks & playgrounds. We had ribs and macaroni and cheese and more goodness than I can list from 12 Bones, thanks Obama. Also needing to be mentioned, their peanut butter pie. ALL the praise hands. We all celebrated Russell turning the big 3-0!

We slowed down and watched butterflies and bumblebees work. We got our footing with homeschooling. We tried new restaurants, eating lots of tacos & Italian. (Thanks White Duck Taco & Del Vecchios) We welcomed family & experienced some of this new home and Mount Mitchell together. We explored downtown Asheville. We ate ice cream & fudge. We experienced the Solar Eclipse in totality, which was amazing.

We learned how to cook as little as possible since we had the world’s smallest kitchen and it was approximately 500 degrees when the gas oven that took entirely too long to cook things was on…in the house with no AC. In August. Sorry, I digress.

We had cereal and tomato salads for dinner on more than one occasion and the kids were thrilled. We toured breweries and tasted local beer. (Thanks Highland and Wicked WeedMuch to Russell’s dismay I still don’t like it, but when in Asheville! We toured the Biltmore Estate and we saw the beauty of the gardens there. The kid’s highlight of that day may be that they finally got their “fancy McDonald’s” they had been requesting. We don’t do fast food often and really never McDonald’s so that alone was a treat, but especially since it was “fancy” ha! Oh to be a kid again, where fancy McDonald’s is joy! Makayla even lost her top front tooth on the last night, she had been wiggling thing the entire month in Asheville. Success!

We had some great times. So, thanks Asheville, but excited to be heading on to Nashville, TN!

**I do want to mention most of our cities from here out will hopefully be documented much better with more frequent and detailed posts. For now, this is what I could muster about that fickle first month. Later this week we will be posting some video footage we captured while in Asheville, and the kids answering some questions we had for them about their impressions on the first month… so that should be interesting ;-)**


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