Everything is different.

We are all still adjusting to our new normal. By “all” I mainly just mean the adults. The kids have been ROCKSTARS. They really are quite flexible and that has been so nice as the adults try to be less set in our ways 😉

Asheville is great. It’s a quirky little town full of charm. The mountain views are beautiful and we’ve seen some amazing waterfalls. The kids have done SO well with homeschool. Russell is loving working from home. We all love having him home. I’ve had downtime. There aren’t as many chores, and plans are flexible. My favorite thing is sitting on the enclosed porch and reading while the kids play in our front yard. They’ve climbed trees, played hide and go seek, watched the squirrels play in our trees. “Nursed” an injured ladybug to, well (unintentional) death. We’ve walked to get coffee & ice cream. Trader Joe’s is walkable, if I didn’t have 5 mouths worth of food to haul back. I love it being so close though. There are TWO “Little Free Libraries” in our neighborhood. Adorable.

This blog isn’t just going to be sunshine and rainbows. That isn’t real life and that certainly isn’t ours. There have been amazing days where we feel SO blessed to have this opportunity and days where we look at each other and give a look that says “What did we do?!”…sometimes it’s also audible. I may have had a bit of a meltdown the first week we were here. Everything is different. It’s not our house, our things, our friends & family. Speaking of our house, ours in Raleigh still hasn’t closed, even though closing was supposed to be in July. ::sigh:: This wasn’t the plan but we often remind each other how thankful we are that this isn’t a HUGE deal. We can pay our mortgage (although I cringe at paying for an empty house!) and the rentals we have lined up, that wouldn’t have always been the case for us financially. We are thankful for where we are, and how far we’ve come. Flexibility & Patience. Two lessons I feel will be well taught along this journey.

The other day I was having one of my “What did we do?!” moments and our daughter said “I like it here Mommy! I like seeing new places and eating new foods. I like traveling.” Perfect timing, sweet girl. I want to be like her when I grow up. Brave, confident, embracing change. We knew there would be growing pains, changing pains, homesickness, adjustment. I think for me at least, I thought most of that would be me helping the KIDS process. Jokes on me.

We ARE adjusting though. I’m getting more comfortable exploring new areas with the kids. I’m feeling more “at home” in someone else’s home, and town. We were prepared for this. Warned of this by travelers ahead of us. BUT, it’s like how you’re SO prepared to have kids. Until you have them… and realize how you are never fully prepared. Now they’re here & you love them & wouldn’t change a thing. Yeah, that. We still firmly believe we made the right call. BUT I do want to be honest. The struggle is real y’all.

My mom, sister, and niece will be coming this weekend to visit and it’s great timing. We’ve had time to process things, check out some great restaurants to share, and get hugs from family! FaceTime is also a really cool technological advance. Praise be!

We know the adventure is worth the process of adjusting to our new normal & the best is yet to come. Here’s to hoping our house closes REALLY soon & that we can just look forward to closing that chapter & being all in on our adventure! I promise more fun travel posts are to come. The real of this journey though… that will always remain. That is us, that is who we are, that is what I would want others to share. Authenticity. So there are days you hike a strenuous trail to a parking lot (oops!) find out your Airbnb doesn’t have central air (sorry, Russell) and that you miss all that was comfortable and known. There are also days we hike to beautiful waterfalls, check out new breweries, and read on the porch while we watch our kids be kids and play together with imagination. Everything is different, but that was kind of the goal. We are thankful for it all.





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