So here they are! A few days late but, such is 11 days before you begin full time travel.

FAQ{Our kids, living the rough life in St. Thomas} 

Are you planning to do this for a certain period of time? Or playing it by ear?

So we are “planning” to do this for a year-ish. We have learned over time that we are never sure what next year will look like. Life has thrown us some of the best curve balls. Most of our best things in life haven’t been exactly what WE planned! That said, we are totally willing to come home in 2 months if anyone isn’t thriving. We are also willing to travel for longer if we are all loving it. So, to answer Tricia’s question…playing it by ear.

Where are you going?

We are beginning in Asheville, NC. From there we are heading to Nashville, OKC, and Austin. Then a quick stop in New Orleans before heading back to Raleigh in December to spend the holidays with family. After that, we are heading west to Arizona! Spending some time in the west for about 6 months, we don’t have the exact order of states over there yet, so we will keep everyone posted.

When do you head out?

July 31st! Just a short week and a half away. We head to our first stop of Asheville!

Did you sell your home, or are you renting indefinitely? – Katie

We sold it, well technically, we are selling it. We close on the 31st of July. A few have also asked why sell instead of renting. The short answer, we were going to sell our house anyway and the market is HOT. Also, we didn’t want to deal with the responsibilities and risk that come with renters.

How old are your kids? Do they travel well in the car?

Our kids are 5, 7 (just a few days before we head out!) and 10. They do GREAT in the car. This has come from us continuing to live our life since they were little. We’ve always traveled with our kids, and done several long haul drives. That said, I have to say it’s only gotten better as they got older. My daughter was really hard in the car when she was a baby, but instead of avoiding it, we pushed through and have great travelers! 

How long do you plan to spend at each destination? -Famina

A month in each place, except a few stops along the way for a few days to break up the drive or see somewhere we don’t want to stay for a full month. Example: We are doing a quick stop in New Orleans on our way back to Raleigh from Austin. We want to see it, don’t want to stay for a long stretch.

What are you most excited to see? -Amanda

I think we are all really excited to just go see it all.  I think we are all looking forward to heading west since we’ve explored so much of the east coast and it will be something new. Also, my dad and step mom moved to Arizona so it will be really nice to see them out there! Seriously though, looking forward to so much! 

Are you going to find local babysitters for date nights? -Anna

Yes and No. A few places we are going has family or friends. If we know someone there willing to babysit, awesome. If they know someone they’d leave their own children with (aka trust without a doubt) then maybe. Strangers in a new place. No thanks. Call me paranoid but I’m pretty picky about who I leave my kids with! We love date nights & think it’s important to get out and have time alone, but our kids safety comes first. We may have to get more creative with some date nights in over the next year! Or we will do what we normally do, all go out and enjoy a new place! 

What will you be doing for income?

The same thing we have been doing. My husband’s job is the same one he’s had for 5 years. They are being awesome and letting him work remotely, so that won’t change much for us, other than he’ll be working from home wherever we are.  

Are you going to homeschool?

Yes. We’ve been very diligent in finding resources for this as it’s a new venture! Actually one of the first things we planned so that it wasn’t on the back burner. Some familiar with homeschool have asked how we plan to school and we are pretty eclectic. ELA & Math will be curriculum, should they return to public school they are prepared. Science & Social Studies…that will be our life. We have bought some resources to help us teach US History & Geography. Otherwise, museums, landmarks, etc. that we will see up close and personal along the way will be the best teachers. So, it’s a combination of things that we think will fit our life and our kids best!

So this is like a long vacation?

No. I think this is what people have in mind. While this will be a great adventure and we are excited about exploring new places, this will be still be life. Just life in new places each month. Russell will still work, the kids still have school. I will still be mom, with laundry, schooling, groceries, and cleaning. This will very much still be the mundane things in life too 😉  

My personal favorite… 

Have you thought this through?

YES! I know to some this seems like a spur of the moment decision, but this has been months in the making. We just had to get all the ducks in a row to be able to announce it. We have thought this through for us individually, our marriage, our finances, our kids, and our kids again. I think what people assume is we are going to be homeless and living on love for a year. Nope, we are planning at least 3-6 months out, securing housing so we know where we will land in the future. These are safe, furnished homes. We will have everything we need! We also have a budget (with cushion!) and the same income we’ve had for several years. We’re going to be okay, ya’ll. 

Anything I didn’t answer you want to know? Feel free to comment here or on the Simply Against the Grain FB page!  You can also contact us from the page above on “Contact” tab 🙂 

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