The Next Chapter! 

When I started this blog it was an outlet to share the way that being more minimal and simplified has changed our life. I envisioned showing how we had sorted through closets, how we had downsized toys, and created simple routines. I explained that we were just living a simple life, nothing too out of the realm of “normal” even though in other ways we are far from normal-whatever that is.

This is where the BUT comes in.

While watching many travel YouTube videos in preparation for our trip to Iceland, we fell in love with watching travel vlogs together each night after putting the kids to bed. We loved seeing the new places and often talked about “when the kid’s are grown” because clearly we couldn’t travel that often with three kiddos.

Or could we?

We found one of our now favorite YouTubers, Knorpp and South. A family of ELEVEN who traveled the United States in an RV. Go watch them, seriously. My kids love their videos too & it’s completely family friendly. I personally don’t know if I could (mentally survive) travel with nine kids (or you know, LIFE with nine kids) but they do it like champs!  Anyway, we jokingly started to say “oh look, we could do it now.”

We discussed jobs, school, family we’d miss, budgets, even looked into RV’s, (::Spoiler Alert:: that was a journey that Russell wasn’t having!) We talked about all the reasons it was a terrible idea, and all the reasons we just had to try. On the fence, back and forth, daily. We were half joking and apparently…half serious. Which is kinda crazy, because my husbands career was advancing pretty quickly and my youngest was getting ready to be in Kindergarten. DO YOU HEAR ME?? I would not have any littles home with me during the day. Surely, this isn’t the time we would consider this.

Or would we?

As you’ve probably assumed by now, we would. My husband talked to his job about working remotely, I researched homeschooling. We spoke with a realtor. We did a whole lot of asking each other “WHAT ARE WE THINKING?!?” We weighed it all out and decided to go for it. Life is short, and while I hope we can travel again when our kids are grown, we didn’t want to wait. We are excited to show our kids new places. We know we aren’t promised tomorrow, so we are living our dream now. 

So Simply Against the Grain will probably shift a little as we share this journey of full time travel, but in COMPLETE honesty, we are more “simplified” than ever. Traveling only with what can fit in our van. Which thankfully, is actually still quite a bit of stuff. 😉 The short & sweet is that we will be traveling to different cities and towns in the US, living in each place about a month at a time, staying in Airbnb’s mostly. (Short term furnished rentals.) Russell will still work, and the kids will be homeschooled. We have sold a lot, given away a ton, and we are storing some things.

Minimalism and simplifying things to what TRULY matters to us, is how we got here! So I stand by our journey to less, and to simple. Clearing the clutter both physically and mentally shows you your values so clearly. Sometimes that creates things that are a bit more complex like taking your family of five on the road. 😉 BUT, That’s just who we are, and we are learning to just go with it. We are simply complicated.

Stay tuned for more details now that we can finally let the cat out of the bag. I’m sure there are tons of questions, as we have gotten many from friends and family who know the plan already. BUT we’d love to hear your questions, either leave them here or in the comments on FB. We plan to answer them over the next few weeks as we prepare to launch on August 1st!

*Yes, we asked our kids about this ( It was actually THE first thing we did) and yes they are excited. We will ALL miss family and friends that we’ve been blessed to have so close for so long. We will be back home to visit, and welcome everyone to come visit us! If there is any point I can try to make clear to anyone, it’s that we’ve processed this thoroughly with our kids. If we thought this was not in their best interest, we wouldn’t be doing it. Thankfully, we have amazing, flexible, adventurous kiddos!*



One thought on “The Next Chapter! 

  1. I love this post. Makes me think on how I am decluttering. Our family of four has about 1300 sq ft and we love it. It is hard now that the oldest is 9 and sees her friends in BIG houses and wonders when we will. The truth, I tell her, is I don’t want nor need a big place. We have plenty of room for their favorite games and toys and we are not hiding from each other. I will take your recommendation and get the book through our library.

    Question- are you still a GAL? Did you have to give up a few cases for now?

    I can’t wait to hear the adventures! There will be a big learning curve but such amazement that the children get to see their parents grow as well! Growth mindset!


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