Vanilla Bean Coffee Syrup

Who doesn’t like their morning coffee to taste like a coffee shop without the price tag?! One day I realized this was something simple to do and it was crazy to keep buying the syrup I had been using. The syrup I make is delicious, easy, a fraction of the price. I also get to control what ingredients go in. Winning all around!

I use a glass bottle I got from World Market to store the Syrup. It will keep on the counter or in the pantry for about a week. I pop mine in the fridge and make a pretty big batch that usually lasts a few weeks to a month. A splash of this and a splash of half and half is my favorite. These additions to some Counter Culture coffee is happiness in a cup each morning!

Here’s the very loose “recipe”:

Mix equal parts of sugar and water. I like a depth to mine so I use half white sugar and half Raw cane sugar (or even brown sugar) . Usually 1 cup white, 1 cup raw, 2 cups water is my proportions. Heat on medium in a saucepan until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool a bit, add in a whole vanilla bean OR a tablespoon of vanilla bean paste.  Funnel into your bottle and enjoy! ☕️ Delicious coffee syrup for pennies!

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