Yes, Iceland. Anytime I mentioned we were heading to Iceland prior to the trip, people were both equally intrigued and confused. Iceland? How did you decide to go there? Well the answer is ultimately friends of ours were going & we also thought “Iceland?” then thought about how cool it’d be to see the northern lights which is pretty much all we knew about it. They said we should come along & so we did. Yep, it was pretty much like that. We made sure the grandparents would have the kiddos while we were gone & we booked it. Kind of on a whim. Yep, Iceland, and it was amazing.

We headed to NYC first since our flights to Iceland left from JFK. We enjoyed our FREEZING time there. Everyone asks if Iceland was cold, but truth be told it seemed way colder in NY.

Iceland was beautiful. Which is quite an understatement but everything was truly amazing. Iceland is also quite expensive but totally worth it, if you have the opportunity to go, definitely go!

Also, check out my husband’s drone footage of the trip, it’s beautiful!

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