There’s no place like home. That is more true for us than ever. We are still settling into our new home but every day it feels more and more…right.¬†We are loving the house itself, the neighborhood, and the community. I’m LOVING having my things again, settling into our bed at night, the kids having their … More Home

No Regrets

So, in the interest of full disclosure, we are back home in Raleigh. This began a few weeks ago when we were planning our trip to Oklahoma for October. We found out that Russell would be coming back to Raleigh for a work trip. I won’t lie I was JEALOUS. While we have had many … More No Regrets

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in touch with friends and family back home is definitely a priority. Thankfully in 2017 it’s pretty easy. We actually purchased iPads for the kids to help with homeschool and communicating with family. They know the rule is to ask me first before FaceTiming or texting so that we keep in mind time zones … More Keeping in Touch


While we were in Asheville, Russell had to go to Atlanta for a business trip. Considering we were new to traveling AND the house AND neighborhood, I wasn’t quite ready to be alone in a new place flying solo. Crazy, huh? SO, we decided to go along since it wasn’t too far. Being alone with … More Atlanta